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What I Watched In… July 2014

Favorite of the Month: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

Favorite of the Month: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

In the interest of full disclosure (and to generate a little content here) I thought I’d present a regular tally of what movies I managed to see in the previous month. Some of them I’ve written about, most of them I haven’t. This list includes movies I saw for the first time, movies I’ve seen a thousand times, movies I saw in the theater, movies I watched at home, direct-to-DVD, made-for-TV and anything else that qualifies as a movie. I also choose my favorite of the month among those movies I saw for the first time, marked in red. Feel free to discuss or ask about any of them!

1. Independence Day (1996), B+
2. The Rocketeer (1991), A-
3. Lucky Duck (2014), C+
4. Futurama: Bender’s Game (2008), B+
5. Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010), F; RiffTrax Riff, A
6. Sharknado (2013), F; RiffTrax Riff, A-
7. Chilling Visions: 5 States of Fear (2014), B
8. Mad Ron’s Prevues From Hell (1987), C
9. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014), A
10. Super Mario Bros. (1993), D; RiffTrax Riff, B+
11. I, Frankenstein (2014), D
12. The Gamers: Dorkness Rising (2008), B
13. Night of the Living Dead (1968), A; RiffTrax, B-
14. Supergirl (1984), D+
15. Mars Attacks! (1996), C
16. Under the Skin (2013), C-
17. Best Worst Movie (2009), B+
18. Planet of the Apes (1968), A-
19. Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie (1996), B+
20. Futurama: Bender’s Big Score (2007), B+
21. Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), A
22. RED 2 (2013), B-
23. Anacondas: The Hunt For the Blood Orchid (2004), D
24. Mark Twain (2001), A
25. Amazon Women on the Moon (1987), B-

The Summer Movie Preview

Hey, folks — as always, the All New Showcase podcast is kicking off the summer movie season with our special preview episode. This week, my fiance Erin and I talk about all the upcoming releases, which ones we’re psyched for, which ones we think are gonna suck, and so forth. Check it out!

Episode 304:The 2014 Summer Movie Preview