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The Summer Movie Preview

Hey, folks — as always, the All New Showcase podcast is kicking off the summer movie season with our special preview episode. This week, my fiance Erin and I talk about all the upcoming releases, which ones we’re psyched for, which ones we think are gonna suck, and so forth. Check it out!

Episode 304:The 2014 Summer Movie Preview


Icons week postponed — so listen to this

Hey, guys. I am, at the moment, a tad bit swamped with projects… the play I’m in, the novel I’m trying to finish… and frankly, something has to give. As it shakes out, that something is going to be the July “Icons Week” here at Reel to Reel. Don’t worry, I’ve got every intention of returning to Reel to Reel in August, with a focus on five cinematic adventures starring Robin Hood. In the meantime, though, I need to use that time to finish other stuff.

Superman-BatmanI’m still commentating, though, including about some of the movie news announced at last weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con International. Man of Steel 2 is going to co-star Batman? Avengers 2 is subtitled Age of Ultron? New movies for Witchblade, the Darkness, and Avengelyne? Plus a lot more. I got together with my fiance Erin and my buddy Kenny and recorded an episode of the All New Showcase podcast to discuss these topics and many, many, many others related to comics, TV shows, and even video games. If you want to hear our thoughts, click the link below and give it a listen!

All New Showcase #292: San Diego 2013