Starting Tomorrow: Freaky Firsts

This whole “Reel to Reel” thing started a few years ago because I wanted to start a discussion of scary movies. The next year I talked about horror/comedies, and then I spun into more character-centric projects, including last year’s Dracula Week. This year I’ve been pretty busy, but with Halloween coming up again, I wanted to do something to commemorate the occasion here on the blog.

After a little consideration, I decided to take up the challenge of movies I’ve never seen before. What with NetFlix and all the other streaming services out there, not to mention my preposterous collection of horror movie multi-packs full of films I haven’t gotten around to, there are tons of horror films I’ve never seen that deserve a little consideration. So with the help of my wife, Erin, I’m going to spend October discussing as many of these movies as I possibly can.

My goal, at first, was to try to post a review every weekday in October, but between you and me, I didn’t get around to building up the buffer I’d hoped for. So rather than make that sort of promise, I’m going to do as many as I can, beginning tomorrow. For the next month, I’ll be delving into horror movies, horror/comedies, monster movies, and even the odd family friendly piece of Halloween fare. As long as it’s a movie I’ve never seen before, it’s eligible.

So see you back here on October 1 for the first of my month-long celebration of Freaky Firsts!


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